Parents shouldn’t have to experience guilt about choosing between work and staying at home. Children should have access to the best quality care even if both parents are working.Oneira Kids Day Care Centre is a home away from home where a child is engaged meaningfully, developing skills with joy and enhancing different abilities in children. We offer personal care and attention to children between 1.5years to 12 years.

Child Safe Environment

The centre’s aesthetically designed environment replicates the warmth,comfort and security of home.Dedicated Study Areas with personalised academic coaching for older kids.

Child friendly equipment

Age appropriate Toys Health takes precedence, with regular sanitization of sleeping areas, toys and other equipment.

Health and Nutrition

Food is prepared in hygienic conditions under supervision.The menu is shared with the parents on a monthly basis.Food is freshly cooked and prepared


Well trained child care supervisor ensures that each child’s needs are well attended to Also, CCTV monitored at all times. Live feed to parents Convenient timings for pick up and drop off
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Play ground



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